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Testimonials: Testimonials

A friend of mine recommended Sharminee for using acupuncture for induction of labour. I was approaching full term with my third child and was feeling extremely uncomfortable. I spoke to Sharminee and although she was fully booked that day, she made herself available after hours which I appreciated.

I have never tried acupuncture before so was very apprehensive. Sharminee made the experience comfortable and reassured me throughout. The treatment was not at all painful. After the first session, contractions had started and I followed it up with another session later the next morning. Within 12 hours, we had a beautiful healthy baby boy.

I would to thank Sharminee for making time out of hours and making the whole experience memorable.

S Singham, London

I had been going to acupuncture treatments alongside my IVF treatments but was unhappy with the process.  It felt a bit like I was on an assembly line and the practitioner wasn't focused on me or my treatment. They were increasingly becoming stressful, expensive and complicated to schedule and attend.   I know Sharminee from her other work with our children's' school and I spoke with her about my experience.  I started treatments with her and had a successful round of  IVF which I attribute to her work.  She made me feel very much cared for and the sole focus of her attention and skill.  Her workspace was warm and inviting and she explained in detail what she was doing and the thought behind it.  I highly recommend her for her skill both technically and her bedside manner as well.

CM, London

A friend told me about Sharminee before I started IVF treatment. I had never tried acupuncture or any holistic treatments, but had heard it could help relieve symptoms and even contribute to a successful outcome. 

Sharminee has a very calming and reassuring approach. Her knowledge and experience were obvious and she explained what she was doing at the different points, so I always felt completely at ease. 

I found the effects very powerful, both during the sessions and afterwards. It helped relieve my symptoms, such as headaches, bloating and sleeplessness and the special treatments in the week of egg collection and embryo transfer helped me both physically and mentally. The whole experience with Sharminee was extremely positive. As well as the benefits of acupuncture itself, it was a peaceful time to relax and readjust, away from the very clinical hospital appointments and injections. 

I'm happy to say IVF worked for me 2nd time round, and I'm convinced my sessions with Sharminee helped me get there. I would highly recommend Sharminee to anyone going through IVF or indeed with other issues. I'll certainly be going back if I ever need to. 

Pippa, London

'I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries whilst trying to conceive and after some research, I was keen to see if acupuncture could help to regulate my erratic and long cycle. From my first session with Sharminee, I was convinced of the many benefits acupuncture could bring, from complete relaxation, hugely improved quality of sleep and a feeling of general well-being. After a few months, I conceived my first baby and continued with acupuncture sessions throughout my pregnancy. My second baby was born a couple of years later, again supported by acupuncture treatment by Sharminee. Sharminee has an integral knowledge and understanding of fertility and women's health, is empathetic to the demands of everyday life and is lovely to chat to. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and would highly recommend Sharminee to anyone considering acupuncture.'

Kelly, Marketing Consultant, Hertfordshire

"I have a tendency to suffer from insomnia in times of stress, change, excitement and even happiness! I have tried conventional medicine and hypnotherapy over the years and whilst both were mildly effective at the time, they did nothing to provide long-term relief and I continued to suffer regularly. When a recent bad bout of insomnia left me exhausted, desperate and having to take days off work I came across Sharminee. The day that Sharminee treated me I slept more soundly than I can remember doing in the last decade and this continued for around 10 days. I went back a couple of weeks later for more treatment and the effects were similarly dramatic."

Jemima, International Advertising Manager, London

"Sharminee treated me for pain from RSI. It was extremely effective and I can now do things that had been very painful before. Sharminee's friendly and professional nature means that she is very approachable. She is very good at answering questions and clearly explaining the treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Rachel, Curator, London

"I have suffered with heavy periods and premenstrual tension (including severe anxiety) for several years and turned to Sharminee about 6 months ago for some help. I have felt enormous changes in my cycle and mood since I have been having acupuncture and this is wholly down to Sharminees expertise in this field. I am far less tired than before, my periods are definitely lighter and I generally feel more positive.

Sharminee is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, but she is also very easy to talk to and allows me to fully relax and unwind during my hour of acupuncture.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone."

Claire, Housewife, London

"My sessions with Sharminee have been extremely useful in my quest to feel less stressed about work and my battle with infertility. After only a few sessions, I felt better able to cope with the difficulties I am facing by regaining more of a sense of control. Sharminee has an extremely professional approach and is able to deliver a bespoke treatment to her patients."

A, London

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