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I was working as a science writer when I first came across acupuncture. I was researching a story on back pain. I became more interested in this ancient form of healing and by the year 2000 I decided to change career and enrolled as a full time student at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture. This included clinical placement in China at the  Hangzhou TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Hospital, Zheijang Province. I have been in independent practice since 2003.

I enjoy the patient contact involved in practising acupuncture. It is important to me to make sure that a patient feels comfortable enough to be able to fully describe their symptoms and the impact that it has on their life. This allows me to use my training to formulate a treatment plan which is unique to each individual patient. I am able to help a patient, whether they are wanting acupuncture to complement treatment that they are receiving from their GP or Specialist, or whether they want acupuncture to be the mainstay of their treatment.

I still enjoy writing and talking about acupuncture. I was a panel member of the event "In Pursuit of Pain" held at the Science Museum and was part of an open table discussion about complementary medicine for GP trainees at the Royal Free Hospital. I co-authored "A Pocketbook of Chinese Medicine" which was published by Churchill Livingstone in 2008. 

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My main area of clinical specialism is in the field of women's health, pregnancy and fertility. I worked on the IVF unit at the Hammersmith Hospital from 2009 to 2011.

I feel passionate about how acupuncture can support women through a number of gynaecological and obstetric conditions. I have sixteen years experience in providing acupuncture for IVF assistance and other forms of assisted conception. I also treat morning sickness, pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy, and use acupuncture for breech presentation correction and induction of labour.

I also offer courses of treatment for preconception care and other women’s health conditions like PMS, menstrual migraine, painful periods and menopausal symptoms.

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I treat acute or chronic muscle and joint pains, headaches and migraines. I have also successfully treated many patients for symptoms such as unexplained fatigue and stress.


I have an interest in treating the health problems of musicians and other performers. I have attended training from the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine and I work alongside the medical team which supports the orchestral musicians of the Southbank Sinfonia. I have treated a number of musicians for musculoskeletal and stress related problems.

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